Sikh History of Brantford

We beleive that the first Sikh family arrived in Brantford from Punjab in the year 1965. Mr. Mohan Singh Sood was a teacher by profession and a property investor.Starting in 1972, Massey Ferguson and White Farm Equipments (large Brantford companies producing agricultural equipments hired a lot of people from Sikh community which spurted the growth of our community in Brantford. The need for Gurughar was felt at that time and people working in those companies took a leading role in building the Brantford Gurughar.

As more and more of Sikh families arrived in Brantford, they all felt a need to congregate together and pray from Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Therefore a regular program of paths (holy reading) was started in peoples homes in or around year 1974. From the peoples homes the holy reading moved to rental school halls and other places until 1980, when the congregation purchased a piece of land on North Park Road and started the current Gurughar building.

A lot of people made substantial contribution in the Gurughar building by way of financial help and by giving their volunteer time and lobour to this project. Some of these people have now left our community but we still fondly remember their contribution.

We would like to recognize the following people fpr taking the lead role in motivating th Sikh Community in building our current Gurughar in the 1980`s.

  • Mr. Ravel Singh and family
  • Mr. Jasbir Singh Kohli and family
  • Mr. Harbans Singh Anand and family
  • Mr. Gurdev Singh Grewal and family
  • Mr. Jugraj Grewal and family
  • Mr. Satpal Singh and family
  • Mr. Pritam Dhanjal and family
  • Mr. Gurmail Singh Bansal and family
  • Mr. Jang Panag and family
  • Mr. Manjit Bali and family
  • Mr Swaran Singh Dhanoha and family
  • Mr. Surinder Singh Lall and family
  • Mr. Babu Singh and family
  • Mr. Paramjit Singh and family
  • Mr. Dalip Singh Multani and family